Boxing classes for adult beginners

Boxing is not just a popular combat sport; it is also a very popular recreational sport in the world. Apart from the amateur and professional leagues in the world, there are also many levels of private and recreational clubs, camps and leagues, which aim to attract the general public into learning and participating in this sport. Boxing classes, at various levels are offered to the people and amongst these, the most solicited ones are the boxing classes for the adult beginners. Boxing is a very popular sport amongst the adult population and the adult boxing classes are a means for these boxing aficionados to experience the thrills of the sport firsthand. Adult boxing classes cover many aspects of the sport of boxing. The most important amongst these are the technique, physical fitness and reflex aspects. Boxing is an intensely physical game and its practitioners are expected to have good levels of physical fitness. Apart from physical fitness, boxers are also expected to have good overall body strength. In adult boxing classes, people are put through paces that are aimed at improving their fitness and strength levels.
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Boxing ring DVDs

Here are two really cool DVDs you can find on amazon- the first one is from everlast for boxing beginners, and the second one about boxing fundamentals. Highly recommended!

Everlast Boxing Workout: Beginner

boxing classesboxing classes
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Boxing Class using the new Century 2XL

A boxing class using the new Century 2XL Wavemaster bags. Do you have what it takes to take a class Boxing ? see for yourself

5 boxing tips for beginners

  1. Learn the straight punches
    After you’ll learn it, you’ll be more dangerous than 90% of the untrained guys who might want to start trouble with you.
  2. Practice footwork
    Learn to move forward and back while jabbing. Afterwards, learn to shift to either side. When you can sidestep an onrushing opponent, you’ll beat your enemy easily.
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